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Summer 2015 Newsletter

SAVE THE DATE! If you're in the NYC area, we're planning to hold our annual fundraiser on October 24th. We'll send out details as it gets closer, but we'd love to see you there.

The Fellowship wrapped up its fourth year with a recital at Ridgewood High School. Each Fellow chose and prepared selections to perform in front of their friends, family, and teachers. Highlights included a piece on glass harp, a flute and horn duet by our incoming and outgoing seniors, and a special visit and performance by Fellowship Alumnus Trey Shore and the Rutgers University Sax Ensemble. We're already planning for next year and need your help to make it even better than the last four. The Fellowship's recitals and events are all made possible by your donations, so we thank you for your support in allowing the Fellowship to continue to provide music, friendship, and service opportunities for students at Ridgewood High School. You can make a donation to the Fellowship at

And finally, a memory from our outgoing senior Fellow: "I remember waiting outside the interview room shaking in my boots. In my preparation I became so worried about nailing the interview that I forgot what I was even applying for. I forgot that the Connor Donohue Music Fellowship is an organization founded in sharing music with passionate students. I was surprised to find that when I was accepted into the Fellowship I was also accepted into a new group of friends. Now I am a freshman again, this time in Pittsburgh with a different kind of anxiety than what I felt before my interview. I will miss the amazing opportunities to attend concerts in Manhattan and perform with my friends, but I know that I will always be welcome back with wide arms and even wider smiles."

We want to thank you again for your ongoing support and hope to see you in October!


Colin, MichaelAaron, and Val
The Donohue Fellowship Executive Committee